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Welcome to my website!

Years ago a friend suggested I write a book about all the (mis)adventures I’ve had on my travels – all those stories of having to negotiate with border patrol guards at remote outposts or men wielding machetes during political uprisings; of having to travel seven hours by foot, sleep on train floors or cycle across countries; or of the various mishaps and miscommunications that have happened along the way.

So I decided to launch this website as a starting point and dedicate it to my passions: travel, politics, culture and anything for good.

I’m an avid traveller and care deeply about issues of equality and social justice. I’ve travelled to 78 countries and have lived in the US, UK, Italy and Bolivia. This year I’ll be living in a different city every month – from Mexico City all the way to Seoul. But it’s’ not all about the travel…I’m also an international development, foreign affairs and political specialist. I’ve worked as an advisor for politicians in the UK Parliament, UN agencies and institutions and governments around the world.

I’m fascinated by what makes a place the way it is today – the politics, the history, the social movements, the geography and the environment. So if like me, you like to know a bit more about what’s under the surface of the places you visit – and want a few tips along the way – you’ve come to the right place!

Through this site I wish to share my writing, my insights, my experience and everything I learn through my travels and work in this rapidly changing and interconnected world.

Read more about me and my previous work here.

I hope you enjoy reading!

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