This is me…

I spend a lot of time on planes – some times for work, but mainly just for fun. I’ve travelled to 78 countries and lived in the US, Italy, the UK and Bolivia. I’ve cycled across Colombia, visited refugee camps in Eastern Congo and led delegations to China. This year I’m spending each month living in a different city – from Mexico City to Seoul.

But it’s not just all about the travel…I’m a political and international development specialist. I’ve worked as an advisor to politicians in the UK parliament, UN Agencies and governments around the world. I’ve previously written about foreign and international development policy for The Guardian, The New Internationalist and the Fabian Society. I’ve spoken at events at Chatham House, RUSI, the Fabian Society, PS21.

What you’ll find here…

Intelligent travel writing

I’m fascinated by what makes the places I visit the way they are today – the politics, the history, the social movements, the geographies and the environment. Through my writing I explore these influences, share my insights and experiences and inspire curiosity in travellers, who, like me, want to understand what’s under the surface – but who may also want a few tips along the way.

Bespoke Projects

I’m always working on something new, so want to share my latest projects – whether they be pamphlets for political think tanks, pieces of non-fiction writing or photography projects that raise awareness about a global issue. I’m also open to suggestions and opportunities to collaborate on new and exciting projects, so please do get in touch!

Previous work

You can read about some of my previous work here including publications, op-ed, collaborations and speaking engagements.

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