Fabian IPG Podcast Series

I’m pleased to announce a new series of podcasts I’m producing for the Fabian Society’s International Policy Group. Drawing on expert opinion each podcast explores an area of foreign policy, seeking perspectives from around the world in a fun and engaging way.

The Brexit series

This first series looks at a number of issues related to Brexit. What’s happening with the EU elections? What will the impact of the rise of right-wing populism be? What opportunities will we have with new trading partners abroad? How should we campaign if there happens to be a new referendum?

  • EPISODE 1: The Salvini Factor: The State of Italian Politics. Ahead of the EU Elections, Senior Associate at Global Counsel Rishi Patel and I examine the fractious state of Italian politics, how its two coalition governing parties will fair and how that will affect its relationship with the EU. We also look at the new agreement with China and the possible return of Berlusconi. Listen here.
  • EPISODE 2: Does Britain still matter Down Under? Following the return of a Liberal-National Coalition in Australia’s May election, Professor Andrew MacLeod and I examine the outcome, its driving factors and what it means for Britain’s post-Brexit trade prospects. Listen here.
  • EPISODE: 3: Soft Power, what is it good for? Soft power is a key element of Britain’s foreign policy toolkit, yet are we using it effectively and what can we learn from other countries? A discussion with Dr. Mafalda Damaso. Coming soon…
  • EPISODE 4: The Rise of the Right in Viktor Orban’s Hungary. Hungary has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Alexander Fauldy and I discuss the impacts of the rise of the right and its implications across Europe. Coming soon…
  • THE LONG LISTEN: Lessons from the EU Referendum with Will Straw. The Fabian IPG hosted an event in Parliament with Will Straw to reflect on lessons from his time as head of the campaign to Remain in the EU and what we can learn should there be any future Peoples Vote. Listen here.


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