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Bournemouth Labour at SUBU Freshers' Fair

The Bournemouth Labour Team had a great day at Bournemouth University’s Freshers’ Fair over the weekend.

We gave out 1000s of leaflets and spoke to hundred of students about Labour's plans for the country. We also spent the day encouraging students to register to vote and to exercise their rights at the next general election.

Jessica Toale and Tom Hayes, Labour's Parliamentary candidates in Bournemouth West and Bournemouth East, respectively, took time to visit the myriad of stalls including sexual assault support organisation The Shores, Bournemouth Food Bank and a number of the student societies including the Bournemouth Appreciation Society and Afro-Caribbean Soc.

During the day, we asked students about the issues that matter to them most, and these were the most common answers:

1. Food prices, including the price of Freddos, cheese and butter. 2. Housing market & homelessness 3. War in Ukraine 4. Student fees & debt 5. Carbon emissions & climate change

We look forward to supporting the University's democracy promotion activities in the coming months.

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