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Bring back GIANT Gallery to Bournemouth

This week we learned the sad news that GIANT gallery in Bournemouth Town Centre is closing. Its final day will be Saturday 20th January.

GIANT has been more than just a gallery in Bournemouth - it’s a centre for creativity, inspiration and community. In the time that it was open it attracted more than 240,000 visitors, demonstrating that there is clearly demand for a visual arts gallery in Bournemouth.

In response, Labour's candidate Jessica Toale has launched a petition to get GIANT back into Bournemouth Town Centre. She believes that investment in the arts and culture should be a core pillar of the town strategy to revive the centre and that the arts contributes to social cohesion, economic dynamism, well-being and to shaping a common vision for the future.

She said: "We are so lucky to have three Arts Council National Portfolio Organisations across BCP and one of the countries best arts universities, but there are no serious visual arts galleries anywhere along this part of the South Coast. We should be building on our reputation as an artistic and cultural hub if we want to see a vibrant and thriving town centre.

GIANT was part of that and provided an important space for creativity and community that many enjoyed. I know there is a lot of support for keeping GIANT in Bournemouth. It can be an important part of breathing life back into our town centre."

If you agree and would like to see GIANT back, please sign the petition below.

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