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Jessica launches crowdfunder to support election campaign

Updated: Apr 3

Over the weekend, Jessica hosted an event for supporters to mark one year since she was selected as Labour's Parliamentary candidate for Bournemouth West.

In her remarks she thanked everyone for their dedicated support to the campaign. In the last year the team has spoken to more than 10,000 voters, delivered more than 60,000 leaflets, gained two council seats and built up teams in each of the constituency's wards.

Jessica also talked about the country's disappointment at having to wait for a chance to vote for change at a general election. The team were expecting to go to the polls in May, but Rishi Sunak made it clear to the country that he would continue to squat in Downing Street.

This extended timetable will put pressure on the campaign. Jessica revealed that her opponent has raised £27,500 from three private donors since September for his election campaign. Not wishing to be outspent, Jessica launched a crowdfunder at the event to raise £5000 to support the employment of a campaign organiser. The team has a commitment from another donor to match fund the amount raised. This will help Jessica and the team keep up the moment they have achieved over the coming summer months.

In just two days, the crowdfunder raised more than half its target total.

If you would like to support the campaign and donate to the fundraiser, click the link below.

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