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Jessica launches election campaign

This week Jessica and dozens of Labour supporters from across Bournemouth West gathered on Kinson Green to launch their general election campaign.

Jessica had the opportunity to address the crowd to set out her hopes for Bournemouth West and encourage the team to get involved in the short campaign.

She talked about the challenges facing Bournemouth and the country - like anti-social behaviour and lack of GPs and NHS dentists.

She also set out the type of MP she wants to be for the community, saying: "I want people to think that as their MP, I will work for them, ensuring I am as approachable and accessible as possible because I think that's something the public has really been missing."

Jessica was selected in March 2022 and has been campaigning in the area since. Her team have spoken to more than 15,000 people in the last year and will continue to door-knock throughout the election campaign.

Read about the event in the Bournemouth Echo.

The election will take place on the 4th July. To register to vote, click here to register before the 18th June.

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