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Jessica meets the team at AIM Community Centre

This week Jessica met Wes and the team at AIM Community Centre on Kinson Road.

AIM provides a range of mentoring and learning opportunities for young people interested in the creative arts. It is a unique community centre focused on the arts and supporting young people and their families. They provide a range of activities for young people including arts, tuition, industry mentoring, music mixing, animation and live music. They also run a programme on behalf of BCP to support young people at risk and run a warm space to support families in need.

Jessica was impressed with both the range of activities and the dedication of the team to increasing access and opportunities within the creative industries to young people in Bournemouth.

At a time when youth services have been cut significantly and youth centres have been closing, this is a rare example of a thriving centre with strong purpose.

To find out more about AIMCommunity's creative arts education, click the button below.

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