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Jessica on BBC Politics South

This Sunday Jessica appeared on BBC Politics South.

During the episode Jessica and the other participants discussed local government funding and fuel poverty. It's clear local council's across the country are suffering as a result of more than a decade of underfunding and increasing costs. Labour has pledged to give councils more powers and long-term multi-year funding to help them better plan their local economies.

A speaker from the Citizen's Advice also revealed that by 2030 more than 3 million people would be living in fuel poverty. Government support to upgrade homes and support fuel bills has not been enough to stems the financial burden of energy bills. Jessica shared that Labour in the short-term would better regulate the retail energy market and invest in insulating Britain's leakiest homes and in the long-terms has plans to invest in building Britain's renewable energy capacity through the creation of a state-owned energy generation company Great British Energy.

During the show, the panellists also discussed Dry January and e-scooters.

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