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Jessica raises voices of Bournemouth businesses at Labour Conference

At Labour Party Conference this week, Jessica raised the voices of Bournemouth-based businesses.

Speaking on a panel hosted by UK Hospitality and SME4Labour, Jessica shared the stories of businesses she had met over the last month.

She spoke about the impact of rising rents, rates and energy bills as well as the declining demand facing businesses as a result of the cost of living crisis. She shared the story of one local business owner who has gone from a staff of 15 to supporting the business herself.

Jessica is excited about Labour's plans for revive the high street including by cutting business rates for small businesses, giving councils the power to fill empty shops and recruiting more neighbourhood police offices and giving them the power to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The hospitality sector is important to Bournemouth's economy, and Jessica has been impressed with the heroic efforts made by local businesses to keep the town centre alive. She would like to see them supported and our town centre becoming the thriving, vibrant hub she knows it can be.

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