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Jessica marks Small Business Saturday

Updated: Jan 16

On Saturday, Jessica visited small businesses in all parts of the Bournemouth West constituency to mark Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to raise awareness of the important role that small businesses play in Britain's economy and to encourage more people to support their local small businesses. Bournemouth has a thriving community of small business owners, but many of them have been facing challenging times.

Jessica had the opportunity to speak to many of them about the challenges they are facing around rising rents, energy bills and general costs as well as what is working well for them.

Jessica visited:

  • Otto's Print and Coffee - Winton East

  • Brazilian Snack and Art - Bournemouth Town Centre

  • JoJo's - Kinson

  • Attico, Don Strike and Almond & Co - Westbourne

  • Poole Hill Brewery - Town Centre

Labour recently launched it's plan for Small Businesses, which include commitments to scrapping business rates, revitalising our high streets and boosting exports. Read more below.

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