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Knife education at Avonbourne School

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

This week Jessica and Bournemouth East candidate Tom Hayes visited Avonbourne School to listen in on Dorset Police's Firearm and Knife Education (FAKE) programme.

The session, arranged by Dorset Police's Safer Schools & Communities Team, aims to raise awareness amongst young people about the dangers of carrying knives and the law that surrounds the possession and use of offensive weapons. The session was attended by around 400 students.

Jessica has called for an increase in efforts to tackle knife crime following the death of a young man in Bournemouth town centre. While Dorset remains one of the safety counties in the country, Bournemouth has seen an increase in violent and knife related crime, making local residents feel unsafe.

Labour has a plan to get more neighbourhood and community police onto our streets and has made it one of its missions to halve serious violence crime and knife crime.

Jessica would also like to see more investment into youth services and mental health support in the community, and supports Labour's plans to get mental health support into all schools.

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