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Labour Education Secretary Visit

On Monday, Labour's Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Philipson visited St Michael's school in Bournemouth.

Bridget and Jessica had the chance to meet with the school's Youth Parliament to hear about the things that they would like to see improve in their school - including lowering the speed limit around the school.

They also met with staff and senior management team to discuss the challenges they face in the education sector and what support the sector needs to encourage more teachers to join the profession and support our children to thrive.

St Michael's Head Anthony Evans showed Jessica and Bridget around the school including visiting reception classes, year 3 and year 6.

Labour's plans for schools include:

  • Recruiting 6,500 new teachers

  • Modernising the curriculum

  • Free breakfast clubs in all schools

  • Early language support

Read more about Labour's fully costed and fully funded plan for schools below.

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