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Labour launches Child Health Action Plan

This week Labour launched its Child Health Action Plan to ensure we have the healthiest generation of children.

Across the country families have struggled to get a dentist appointment for their children or get antibiotics for their babies. The most common cause of children showing up at A&E is tooth decay. Children and their families are struggling to access the mental health support they need.

After 14 years of the Conservative government, our NHS is on its knees and it is children and their families that are paying the price.

Labour has a mission to get the NHS back on its feet and to reverse the plummeting outcomes we see for children.

The Child Health Action Plan includes:

  • Cut waiting lists for paediatric services

  • A plan for dentistry giving children access to more emergency appointments

  • A generation of happier children by ending the mental health crisis

  • Preventing ill health by tackling vaping targeted at children and ending junk food advertising.

This is in addition to other initiatives already announced like free breakfast clubs in all primary schools.

Click the button below to read more about Labour's plan.

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