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Labour's battle bus comes to Bournemouth

On Sunday, Labour's Battle Bus came to Bournemouth. Making its 59th stop of its national tour, the bus rolled into Kings Park and was greeted by local Labour supporters.

The bus brought Hilary Benn MP, Labour's Shadow Minister for Northern Ireland, who spoke passionately about Labour's record in government - from creating the NHS to introducing equal pay and the national minimum wage.

He encouraged everyone to ensure they get out and vote for change on 4th July.

Hilary was introduced by Bournemouth West candidate Jessica Toale and Bournemouth East candidate Tom Hayes. Both candidates thanked their incredible volunteer teams for the work they have done over the last two years and encourged everyone to keep going.

Labour has the best chance its ever had to deliver change in Bournemouth and make history by electing the first Labour MPs for both constituencies. But it requires everyone to vote.

They were also joined by Labour's candidate in Mid-Dorset North Poole and North Dorset, Candice Johnson-Coles and James Coldwell.

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