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Labour's new deal for working people

Updated: Feb 29

This weekend launched its new deal for working people. The plan aims to strengthen protections at work and ensure people have well-paid, decent jobs.

Under the conservatives wages have stagnated and growth has stalled. Families and individuals are finding that they are left with less money at the end of each month. The cost of living has increased and use of food banks by working people has sky rocketed.

This is not good enough. Everyone deserves a job they can live on and build a life on, no matter what they do.

Labour's plan would:

  • End in-work pay and introduce a genuine living wage for all adult workers

  • Establish Fair Pay Agreements in social care

  • End fire and rehire and ban zero hours contracts

  • Put mental health on par with physical health in the workplace

  • Strengthen rights and protections for the self-employed

  • Introduce stronger family-friendly rights

  • Tackle workplace harassment

  • Work harder to close the gender pay gap and strengthen protections for working mothers and those with caring responsibilities

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