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Labour visit to OutpostVFX

This week Labour's Shadow Science & Technology Minister Peter Kyle MP visited OutpostVFX in Bournemouth town centre with Jessica and Labour's candidate in Bournemouth East Tom Hayes.

The group toured the OutpostVFX office to learn more about their cutting-edge VFX capabilities and their current projects. They also sat down with the CFO and COO to discuss the challenges facing the sector in the UK and the opportunities available to promote growth in this sector.

Peter Kyle said: "The digital sector, the creative digital sector, overall, I would see, if there's a Labour government and I'm secretary of state, it would be my job to advocate for these pockets of growth based on evidence, not based on hunches, based on firm evidence.

“I want to engage with Outpost and other digital creative companies like this and see exactly where the potential for growth exists.”

Jessica said: "OutpostVFX is a world-leading company. We are lucky to have them in Bournemouth. I want to see this sector of Bournemouth's economy grow and support the creative talent in our two fantastic universities."

Read more about the visit in the Bournemouth Echo by clicking below.

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