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Labour will end the sewage scandal

On Saturday Labour launched its plan to tackle the Conservative sewage scandal in Bournemouth.

We were joined by Steve Reed, Labour's Shadow Environment Secretary who spoke about the crisis affecting towns and communities like Bournemouth.

In the last year alone more than 10,000 people have ended up in hospital with serious water-borne diseases. Enough is enough.

Labour will:

  • Put water companies into special measures

  • Introduce criminal liability for water bosses

  • Ban bonuses for any water companies found to be polluting

  • Introduce automatic fines for sewage overflow

  • Introduce mandatory monitoring of all sewage outlets

  • Give Ofwat great powers to regulate this industry

This will have a big impact in Bournemouth, where just last year more than 1 days equivalent of sewage was pumped into the sea at the Pier.

Watch Steve on how we will tackle the crisis by clicking below.

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