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Letter to the Bournemouth Echo about the town centre

This week Jessica wrote a letter to the Bournemouth Echo in which she set out the case for investment in the arts and culture as a central pillar to any strategy designed to revitalise the town centre.

In it she says:

"Just look at how towns like Margate, Eastbourne and Folkstone have transformed with investment in and support for the arts. They have attracted visitors, increased footfall, nurtured local talent, and provided an anchor around which to build thriving town centres for all.

The opportunity is even greater in Bournemouth. There are no other significant visual arts galleries on this section of the south coast, and we already have world-class creative venues and one of the country’s best arts schools in AUB. There is a strong foundation for the council, local businesses, creatives and residents to get behind. It’s a no brainer that this is a unique advantage that should be part of any strategy to revitalise the town."

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