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Meeting with Dorset Police

Concern about safety in the town centre is one of the most common issues that local residents raise on the doorstep.

On Tuesday 19th September, Jessica and Tom Hayes, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate in Bournemouth East, met with Chief Inspector Adrian Thompson from the Bournemouth South NPT to discuss policing in the town centre.

We asked questions about the team's knife crime strategy and how residents can better engage with the police. We also raised specific issues residents have mentioned to us on the doorstep about antisocial behaviour and drugs related issues in the town.

We look forward to having a constructive relationship with the town's police force and working with them to make sure our town is safe for all residents and visitors.

Labour have pledged to get 13,000 neighbourhood police and PCSOs back on to the streets and introduce new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour.

We need to make Bournemouth safe again. That means the police having the people they need to visibly patrol, stop crime, and catch criminals.

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