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Petition launched to save Kinson Baths

Your Labour parliamentary candidate Jessica Toale, Kinson councillor Michelle Dower and community champion Paul Williams have launched a petition to keep the Kinson Baths site as a location for the community.

The site holds a special place in the hearts of residents in Kinson and West Howe. However since its closure in 2010, the site has been left to deteriorate. Despite promised by the council to clean up the site, local residents have complained about anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and drug use that make the space unsafe. 

The site has been earmarked in the BCP local plan as a site for an advance dementia care home, but Jessica, Michelle and Paul believe it should be a place that children, families and the community can use. It's location on the edge of Kinson Common, a site of special scientific interest, also provides an opportunity to preserve the area and use it for local educational and conservation purposes.

Through the petition, Jessica, Michelle and Paul hope to get the council to change its mind as well as encourage the community to get more involved in determining the future of the site.

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