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Third of children in poverty in Bournemouth West

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Shocking new research by End Child Poverty has found that almost a third of children in Bournemouth West are living in poverty.

Across the country 4.2 million children, about 29%, are living in poverty. The report by End Child Poverty highlights the impacts of housing costs and the rise in in-work poverty. Child poverty has dramatically increased in some areas of the UK since 2014/5.

Jessica Toale, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Bournemouth West said:

"There is no more damning an indictment than the rise in child poverty in this country under the last 13 years of Conservative rule.

"In Bournemouth West, almost one-third of children are living in poverty - more than 5000 children.

"We need a Labour government that will prioritise our children, their families and their well-being."

Read the full report here:

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