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Visit to St Michael's Primary

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Year 6 students at St Michael's Primary School in Westbourne this week.

Each of the classes I met asked me a variety of questions about why I was in politics, why I wanted to be the local MP and what I would do to improve the local area.

I was delighted also to hear the views of the young students about what would make the most difference in their area.

Some of the ideas they mentioned included:

  • Better street lighting

  • Litter picking on the beach and town centre

  • Banning smoking and getting rid of vape shops

  • Filling empty shops in the town centre

  • Stopping drug dealing

  • Better police presence

Many of them also asked me about how to tackle homelessness and drug use on our streets.

The school kindly produced a short video about my visit. You can watch it here.

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