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Visit to Bad Hand Coffee

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

On Friday 9th June, Jessica went to meet Joel, Rach and the team at Bad Hand Coffee at their Roastery HQ on Norwich Road in Bournemouth.

Bad Hand Coffee is an unequivocal local success story, and Jessica was keen to meet them to discuss the challenges they face, their aspirations and their ideas for revitalising Bournemouth Town Centre.

Jessica and the team had a wide ranging conversation about the need to support small businesses, the specific challenges facing the hospitality industry and what more can be done to protect our beaches and green-spaces.

The team at Bad Hand were particularly interested in seeing the Council support innovative brands that might be able to revitalises parts of Bournemouth, bring down parking charges for families wanting to use the beaches, encourage more diversity in the waterfront offering and promote more environmentally-friendly practices in fast food and hospitality businesses.

Bournemouth has a strong local creative sector and with the right support this could be a key part of building thriving local economy year round.


Bad Hand Coffee will be at the Wimborne Minster Folk Festival this weekend. Check them out online or on instagram.

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